Body Movement Control: We built the StarkBoard with intelligent weight and motion sensors and a custom gyroscope sensor. Once you accelerate, the speed control monitoring system tracks all body movements and weight shifts over 100 times per second. It continuously assists the driver while riding.

HUB Motor: The StarkBoard is equipped with dual 350W HUB motors that have a maximum rotation speed of 1630 per min. This allows uphill inclines of up to 15%. The propel the board to reach top speeds of 20mph (32km/h) and reach 13 miles (21km) of coverage on a single battery charge.

Intelligent Braking System: We developed an intelligent braking system which prevents the StarkBoard from rolling downhill. It can bring the board to a complete stop on a decline and even go back up going reverse. No other board can do this.

Removable Battery Pack: We only use certified premium battery cells. All batteries are tested and in compliance with the UN38.3 and UL2272 worldwide industry standards. Tesla uses the same batteries. The Stark Battery pack consists of 20 individual 18650 Lithium cells.

App Connected: Using the StarkBoard is super easy, no APP is needed. However, in order to allow users to customize their StarkBoard riding experience we built the Stark Mobility APP for iPhone & Android. It features: Individualized Driving Modes, Battery Control, Usage Tracker, a Location Finder and much more. It also allows users to unlock the advanced mode! The APP is also our gateway to communicate with users that did not buy their StarkBoard directly from us. It therefore allows us to be in better communication even when the board was given as a gift from a third party.

LED Illumination: The bright built-in LED lights at the front and back of the board provide safety for riding in traffic and especially for evening and late night usage.

High Quality Material: We are using a durable combination of maple wood, plastic, forged aluminum & steel parts to guarantee the best weight, grip and handling possible. All while maintaining a very affordable price.