StarkBoard APP

Your StarkBoard comes ready to go and pre-charged. You won’t ever need a remote or APP to get started. However if you want to track and modify your StarkBoard riding experience, you can download the APP we built.

It has quite a few nifty features such as:

  • See your current speed in km/h (mph coming soon!)
  • The the batteries charge level and battery health
  • Adjusting the boards maximum speed level
  • Turn the LED light on and off to enter Stealth Mode
  • Run a Hardware Self Inspection
  • Calibrate the Sensors if needed

...and there is a little "remote control" feature that allows you to play magic tricks on people. Only works if no one is on the board! But works great to move lighter things back forth and to show your friends that you have full control over your board!


Below are the links for the StarkBoard APP in the Apple App Store and for the Android Google Play Store. Enjoy!

Download the StarkBoard App from the Apple App Store
Download the StarkBoard App from the Android Google Play Store