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  • Step on, lean forward and ride.
  • Master the StarkBoard in just 3 minutes!
  • StarkBoard: Hands-Free Smart Electric Skateboard
  • "The Skateboard Batman Would Ride" - Robb Report
  • Riding the StarkBoard is hands-free! Goodbye distracting remotes!
  • Powerful, safe, fast, and smooth  → Master the StarkBoard in minutes!
  • "All you need to do is step on it, tilt your body, and ride" - Digital Trends
  • StarkBoard is completely controlled by your body’s natural movements → Step on, lean forward and ride
  • Step on, lean forward and ride → Top speed 20 MPH → Single battery lasts 12 miles → Learn and go in just minutes
  • StarkBoard is a uniquely designed, hands-free smart electric board controlled entirely by weight and motion sensors.
  • Oh, and it’s dope.” - The verge