Stark Mobility Inc

We are the makers of the StarkBoard. The only electric skateboard with intelligent weight and motion sensors, propelling it forward with just a slight tilt of your body. No remote needed, you are the controller. Master a new generation of travel in just 3 minutes.


While surfing the streets is amazing, the future of transportation is shared. For this to work at scale, critical mass is crucial. This usually comes at a very high cost. We figured out how to make that happen without the heavy burden of depreciating vehicle liability on the books. The StarkNetwork redefines the way people think of vehicle ownership. 

Here is a link to our MaaS Pitchdeck. Please enter your email to view it. 

If the above sounds exciting to you, send a message to Laurens to get more details on our financials, our timeline and setup a meeting. Virtual or in person, both works. Simply choose a day that works for you and grab a time slot here.


Our History of Success

  • July 2017 - Founded Stark Mobility Inc as a Delaware C-Corp
  • Nov 2017 - Global PR: TheVerge, Mashable, RobbReport
  • Dec 2017 - Successful Indiegogo Campaign $224K
  • Jan 2018 - Investment from Techstars $120K
  • Feb 2018 - Shipped rewards to Ambassadors
  • April 2018 - Monthly pre-orders surpass $30K
  • May 2018 - Meetings with Automotive Corporates for next product/service
  • June 2018 - Shipment to Backers and Pre-Orders
  • Aug 2018 - MaaS Financial Model
  • Nov 2018 - StarkNetwork 

You can also see a quick video recap of what we have been up to. For more head over to our YouTube or Instagram channels.