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You can reach speeds of up to 20mph (32km/h) and the maximum range is 12 miles (20km). This is on a flat surface, no incline. Hence speed and range depends on terrain conditions, the riders weight and outside temperature.

You can get up to 50% charge in about 20 minutes. A full charge in less than 2 hours depending on the battery level when you plug in. Need it faster? Get a spare Battery Pack ;-)

Riding the board on flat surfaces without inclines, we achieved ranges of up to 12 miles. The riders weight was 160lbs. Hence the range is depending on your weight, terrain and riding style. Need more range? Get a easily swappable extra battery!

Absolutely! You can just ride it like a regular skateboard, although it probably won't be as fast. No more carrying your board home. If you are going to the same places often, we recommend having a spare charger waiting for you!

StarkBoards can be as easily charged like every electronic device. Charging your StarkBoard is safe and simple. Just plug in the AC charger! The power management system has a smart charge protection and stops drawing power once the battery is full. For general safety however it is recommended not leave board unattended while charging. Overnight is fine. But don't plug it in and then go on a long vacation.

You can expect your StarkBoard batteries to last for years. Nevertheless, we recommend regularly checking your battery life and try to always fully charge your StarkBoard to increase battery life. The total full charge cycle rating is 500 cycles. After a few hundred full cycles the full capacity will slowly go down. The battery will still work, however your total range will become less as less energy is stored in the lithium cells.

The StarkBoard itself has no indicator. However, we have an app for that! Our StarkBoard app has a battery monitoring function that works well and shows the exact percentage.

You can ride your StarkBoard thru small puddles. Also, no worries if it starts raining, the electronics and the battery are rated IP63 so they are splash resistant! However make sure to NEVER submerge the board entirely or spray it down with a strong water hose or pressure washer. And make sure to dry the board of completely before plugging it back in to recharge. Water and most liquids are highly conductive! 

Although it's not required by law in most countries, we always recommend that you wear a helmet. After all you only have one brain! Kneepads are recommended for kids and if it’s your first time on a board. It’s more fun to be safe. We are planning to offer our STARK safety gear for the safest ride possible in the very near future. 

While testing wheels, we recognized that bigger wheels are much better for riding in the city when it comes to small obstacles, rough grounds or curbstones. The tire-like wheels make the ride much easier and smooth. In addition, they offer a better protection for the hub motors. We also think they look kinda cool ;-)

Our StarkBoard APP has three riding modes: Beginner, Normal and Advanced. For now, the only way to switch between modes is through our APP.

To guarantee the highest safety possible we only use certified and high-quality premium LG and Panasonic battery cells. All of our battery cells are tested and are in compliance with the UN38.3 and UL2272 worldwide industry standards. Tesla uses the same 18650 batteries. So your batteries catching fire under normal use is highly unlikely.

Also while Lithium batteries on cheap hoverboards catching fire have been in the news for quite some time now, we certainly understand your concern. However, the safety regulations have improved significantly for electric rideables and other vehicles. So rest assured that we are testing every single board and battery pack before assembly and shipping. Your safety is our highest priority.

We started taking pre-orders for the StarkBoard via Indiegogo on November 8th 2017! Shipping started shortly after our campaign ended, in January 2018.  We have since shipped three batches and will continue until every supporter has a StakBoard under their feet!

We ship orders from three different locations: Los Angeles (USA), Berlin (Germany) and Shenzhen (China). Shipping costs depend on your order volume and ranges from $39.95 in the USA to $69.95 for International orders. 

We are not responsible for any local taxes, surcharges or VAT for international orders. Thank you for understanding. Please contact us if you have any questions.

We offer the StarkBoard at a very affordable price. If you want to order a bunch of boards for your event, movie or similar just let us know. Just contact us and let us know how many boards you need and what you want to use them for. 

We have three riding modes. Beginner, Normal and Advanced. The StarkBoard acceleration is based on the mode you are in :-)

That being said, we designed it to start smoothly at first and then quickly kick in once the board has momentum. We did a lot of testing and this makes everyone much more comfortable on the board. It is also super safe.

Yes the board itself can can easily be checked in as regular luggage. Some airlines might declare it as sports equipment such as a golf bag or so. The battery pack on the other hand has to be carried in the hand luggage just like a powerbank. Lithium batteries are not allowed in checkin luggage anymore.

Airline regulations vary from country to country and also per each individual airline. At this point we did fly on multiple airlines between the USA, Hong Kong, Germany, Switzerland, Portugal and Great Britain just to name a few. No problems with those countries as of 2017. But please make sure to check with your airline ahead of time. See more info here.