Continuous Support & Service Coverage

We want you to be thrilled with your StarkBoard! Even beyond the 6-month limited warranty period, we’re here to help.

  1. If you have a concern about your StarkBoard, reach out to us here or via email to, subject: SERVICE COVERAGE. We can help diagnose the problem, give you tips to fix the issue, or help you schedule a service call with one of our product experts. To help make diagnosis easier, please include a video of the issue.

    To upload your support related videos, please click the button below:


  2. Parts such as bearings, wheels, grip tape, hardware, and axles are considered consumables that wear under normal conditions and are therefore NOT covered under the customer support & service coverage. However, we will gladly help identify what parts need service or replacement.
  3. If your board does need to be serviced, it can be shipped back to one of our locations in either the U.S. or Germany. IMPORTANT: Save your packaging for this purpose!
  4. If you are an international customer, additional transit time will apply.
  5. If your board is under warranty, we will cover the cost of shipping the board back to you.