Customer Service Agent

Hey there! We are Stark Mobility.

What do we do? We make the world's smartest hands-free electric skateboard: the StarkBoard.

Who are we? We are based in the U.S., Germany, Poland, and Shenzhen and we collaborate virtually most of the time.

We have been working together for 6 years now, starting, building and running successful companies. What keeps this board rolling is….friendship. Corny, yes. But, whether you’re remote or in the office, typically people working on teams spend most of their day interacting with their colleagues. Given that, we want to surround ourselves with like-minded, hard-working, and fun individuals.

So, if you suck, please don’t apply for this job. If you don’t, take the time to check us out at

1. Provide thoughtful, positive, and responsive customer service via Zendesk.
2. Handle real-time support via our website and Facebook.
3. Handle return requests.
4. Interact with customers from all over the world.
5. Respond to social media inquiries.
6. Monitor social mentions, respond and log.
7. Assist with PR outreach and follow up.
8. If your writing skills are commendable, you will be asked to contribute to our blog and media curation.
9. Attend weekly calls.

You will be part of a young and fast growing multinational electric mobility company. We also pay you! ;-)

You need to be able to type quickly and reply to customer emails in impeccable English (native speaker level meaning you must know the difference between “there” and “their” to qualify for this job) and exhibit empathy within your responses.

You must provide outstanding customer service over the internet. You are the face of this company in our customers’ eyes. An attention to detail and the ability to associate with the human you are speaking with is extremely important.
Having been a Virtual Assistant previously is not mandatory, but it is helpful since we might ask you to help us with related tasks.
This type of work environment is not so physically demanding, but we will require you to be easily reachable via Slack.

If you’re a budding entrepreneur yourself, you will be exposed to an incredible network of people within the startup scene. You will also gain invaluable knowledge of how to bring an idea from conception to reality.

And of course we will give you some free swag (like a Stark Mobility t-shirt, a bomber jacket, or a hat) and you will probably end up getting a StarkBoard as well.

If you have spotted any grammatical errors in this job posting, please point them out as you are the type of person who will be perfect for this position!

Simply reach out to us via email to and send us your CV or a link to your LinkedIn profile.