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Hey there,

First off thank you all for your patience!

Since the last update we have received TONS of positive feedback. We always appreciate productive comments and observations.

Were going to China this week, we will be there for the majority of October in meetings with all of our individual suppliers to review the full StarkBoard supply chain. We are very confident that by the end of the month we will have the next batch of boards on the assembly line.

Many of you have been asking about your extra battery shipments and the iOS Application being removed from the Apple Store. In this update we will address the status of both topics as well as our thoughts on the month ahead in China.

So let’s get it on!

iOS Application

The iOS app is temporarily unavailable on the App store. When we first launched the APP earlier this year it had been released under the Apple Developer account from one of our software solution providers. We are now transferring ownership over to our own Apple Developer account. There will be a slight period of time where the StarkBoard App is no longer available on the App store. If you did download it in the past, you should still be able to access it from your history. We will keep you guys posted once it is back online. In the meantime the App is still available on the Android Play Store.

For those of you with an iPhone, this situation is not ideal, we understand. If you don’t have any friends with Android devices we completely understand. Phone cliques are a real thing. But maybe it’s time to venture out and see how the other half lives. Or if you’re feeling impulsive just purchase a used Android device and have that on hand for your StarkBoard excursions. Or simply wait until it’s back online.

Extra Battery Shipments

Some backers who have already received their StarkBoard have noticed that their extra battery was not included in the shipment. Because of international Lithium-ion air freight regulations it is too expensive to ship individual shipments directly from our factory in Shenzhen. Hence all outstanding battery orders will be fulfilled with the next batch of boards. This is for US and EUR. Don't worry we haven't forgotten about you! We will be sending them out individually once they arrive.

Exception: For those of you whose order remains “unfulfilled” your extra battery will be included in your upcoming shipment.


We have been working hard on creating the best solution for our sensor concerns. Our suppliers have been making headway on the necessary changes that need to be implemented. So far they’re doing a good job, but we need to go to China and diligently oversee every step of the process. We will be administering durability tests of the new sensors and posting the results while we're there. 

Additionally we have been reviewing the sensors suppliers, motor suppliers, cable suppliers and main board supplier and will be meeting with them while in China. And while we're at it were also reviewing the supply chain for all other parts such as the screws, axles, grip tape, wheels, bearings and more to make sure that everything works out smoothly for this current production batch. 

Take a look below at what we have been working on in the meantime: 

This is a handmade sample with additional metal plates inserted into the top of deck. This will strengthen the sensor mounting setup below the axle.

Yes it looks rusty, but this is just a sample to ensure proper fit and test production and assembly time.

We also added a 0.5mm thick urethane sheet right in between the sensor and the axle. This helps to absorb shock and vibrations on the sensor plates and will ensure better durability during heavy usage.

This is a very rough first draft of the waterproof housing for the weight sensor mini pcb. The SR (strain relief) for the cables is still missing. But you can see already, the housing and pcb are mounted with screws instead of glue. NO MORE GLUE! The glue was creating the majority of sensor failures we identified.

Shipping New & Replacement Boards

The outstanding shipments to Asia Pacific will be handled directly by us while we are in Shenzhen and Hong Kong. If you are one of those people please rest assured we haven’t forgotten about you. Your shipment should go out very soon.

Also for those troupers that have experienced issues with the boards’ sensors, once you ship us back your board we will be either fixing or replacing those boards with the ones in the current batch.

We just want to say thank you so much for working with us throughout this bit of new product turbulence. We greatly appreciate your proactiveness and positivity.

The next update will be chock full of new information from Shenzhen, China and our supplier meetings. To get a look into what were up to, make sure to check Instagram Stories. It’s there that we will be posting daily updates from China and our factories. It should be fun, so stay tuned.

Have a great rest of your week,

Stark Mobility

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November 02, 2018

Waiting since August, I can understand the wait and the concern of the company.
As it has been said on the comment before, I’m ok with waiting but please make sure the board arrives Spain for Christmas!

Jeremy Lewis
Jeremy Lewis

October 18, 2018

Thanks for another detailed update. This makes me feel much better about waiting as I can rest assured you are taking good care of things. As long as I have my board by Christmas I am a happy camper for now ;-)

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