November 02, 2018

As we promised at the end of the last update we are coming to you from China with new info & new photos.

We want to apologize that there have been no Instagram story updates as all “western” social media profiles are banned inside of China 🆘📵!

So, if you’ve been using #china it’s a complete waste of your 30 hashtag limit. So maybe switch it to #wishiwereinchina


Moving on, we have come up with a solution to fix the sensor connectivity issue. We added a box that keeps the sensor in place and allows the wires to safely run from sensor to PCB. We made this implementation once we discovered that the glue adhering the sensor to the board was hardening making the sensor unresponsive to the rider. We inserted two new sensors into a tester board and rode around Shenzhen to do some preliminary testing.

This is a photo of the new sensor housing that we are testing.

This is a photo of the OLD sensor 👎

The sensors PCB will fit into this white housing. In the picture below of the old sensor unit the wires are zip tied and basically pulled through an opening on the side (see below). This was creating issues on some boards.  Instead we now have this waterproof little box to fit the sensor and a pathway for the wires to safely run from the sensors PCB to the mainboard.

We ended up making a few more adjustments to the PCB housings for proper fit and then used a 3D printer to make them.

Below is a video we created to show you a bit of what were working on while here. In it we give you a glimpse into our manufacturing warehouse and testing the new sensors.


After riding around Shenzhen for 20 minutes across bricked sidewalks, potholes, and the occasional puddle I began to feel like the board wasn’t responding as delicately as before. Which concerned me.
We had made some changes to the boards sensor and mainboard setup.We will be testing the boards more today to see if it was indeed thechanges we made or if it is something else or new. The first step is to turn the board on and make sure it’s not automatically beeping. Hold on let me try…..

No beeping. This is a good sign!



We have a lot more testing to do. Tomorrow we are meeting with the sensor supplier to iron out production expectations. We are 95% there. For those of you who have gotten your StarkBoards and ridden them around you know that people are flabbergasted when you ride past. We get the same reactions here in Shenzhen, a place where every 10th person is riding around on one of these things: light up hoverboards, motorized unicycles, electric scooters, roller shoes...

The technology that we are building does not exist anywhere else! Not even in the flashy hardware capital of the world. SHENZHEN!

For those of you who have not gotten your board yet in Asia Pacific we are very excited for you to have this feeling. We are working and pushing very hard to make that happen quickly.

Thank you for your understanding, patience, and excitement.

We can’t wait to get you on board!



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