February 18, 2019

Hey Starkies,

First off we want to thank everyone who has been writing to thehello@starkmobility.com email. We are trying our best to respond to all of your inquiries in a timely manner. Second, we want to wish all of you a very happy Chinese New Year and hope it’s off to a great start!

We have hundreds of working boards on the road right now, excited to see those numbers grow going into the sunny seasons. Would love to see those boards in action. If you have any photos or videos to share, make sure to tag @starkmobility or #starkmobility! In reference to the last update "Post China Tech Update" and the developing sensor technology we spent the time leading up to the biggest Chinese holidays stress testing the new sensors in the StarkBoard. Now that we are thirteen days into the Chinese New Year of the Pig 🐖 we should update you all on the status of board production and what our production cycles will look like going forwards.  

🔨 Production Status 🔩

We weren’t able to make the shipping deadline of Chinese New Year for the  second batch  of boards. So, we had two options going forwards.

  1. Produce the boards with the updated strain gage sensors, which have passed all of the durability testing. However, after 18 days of testing we have noticed a slight bend in the hardware. This could potentially be a problem down the line.
  2. We push back the production timeline and keep working on our V2 with an alternative design structure for the sensors.

What we have decided is a combination of both options. We re-designed the new sensors with structural backward compatibility. They can be easily manually changed by the rider at home with a simple tools like a screwdriver and an alen wrench. That way if anything should happen, you can easily swap an older V1 sensor with the new V1.1 or even possibly V2 sensors. Much better then having to ship back an entire board and then wait for weeks to get a replacement.

Right now we are stress testing the new implemented design. Below is a video that gives you a look into our last trip to China.


👆 V1.0 VS V1.1 ✌️

In addition to making the sensors swappable we added a polyurethane shock absorbing pad in between the axles and the sensor mounts. It helps to absorb some of the high impact shock when riding at higher speeds over cracks in the asphalt and on European cobblestone roads.


📍Returned Boards 📨

We want to thank  those of you who have returned your boards to our LA warehouse or our offices here in Berlin. We received most of the boards that we had generated return labels for. They are already on the way back to China to be replaced.

We inspected all of the boards and identified the few individual issues that were present. As suspected it was mostly faulty sensor units. In addition a handful of boards exhibited motor overheating issues. For those of you who returned your board to us you will be receiving the slightly updated StarkBoard V1.1 once the next batch is shipping.

Chinese New Year celebrations for 2019 are coming to an end this week. Meaning our factory will be up and running again by next week. We will have some more updates for you at that time. We hope to have a more  precise shipment timeline for the next batch in the upcoming update.

Thank you to everyone who has shown endless support. We appreciate it as we are working very hard to make this dream come to fruition. Hopefully we can make this coming spring & summer seasons full of Stark Adventures.


Team Stark


Xīn nián kuài lè!

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