January 22, 2018

The Safest
Electric Skateboard 


The significant rise in demand for urban mobility has in turn created a rise in popularity of electric rideables. Independent of the device, the act of commuting comes with inherent safety measures. We all know sitting at home is safer than traversing the hostile environment often associated with travel, but for most of us not going anywhere cannot and does not exist.

Whether you use a skateboard for last mile transportation, proximal commutes or everything in between, this deceptively simple ride comes with its cautions. Consider wearing safety gear,always wear a helmet, know how to brake, and be vigilant when it comes to traffic and pedestrians.

That being said, let’s get into the more technical side of things.




Elements That Determine
A Safe Ride

Remote Control

With or without the remote control, the market for electric skateboards continues to grow. They're infectious, freeing, and downright one of the most fun things to ride. As the eboarding community grows and differentiates itself there are specific safety concerns that have emerged in response. 

One of them being the remote control.Most e-boards on the market come with handheld remotes. Pressing up to go forwards and pressing back to break. For some experienced riders the remote control feels like second nature. Give an inexperienced rider a handheld remote and that fun skateboard can easily turn into a 20MPH rocket. 

For instance, falling off the board or abrupt ejection of a remote controlled rideable can lead to the board being catapulted into oncoming traffic or pedestrians.

“As convenient as electric skateboards may seem, it doesn’t feel completely intuitive controlling the board beneath your feet with a handheld remote control. Acceleration and braking doesn’t feel natural in the hand when it was originally practiced by foot on a board.” -Design Boom

E-boards may look like toys, but they pack the power and speed of a tiny electric car - without the protective shell. Just a simple push on the remote, even in beginner modes, can surprise you with speed and acceleration. As expert skater Jack Smith said, “I can’t tell you how many people I’ve put on electric boards, and even though I’ve put it on granny speeds or cautioned them, they still end up on their butt when they pull the trigger. [Electric boards are] very powerful, and the remotes are very touchy” (Wirecutter).

According to their review of electric skateboards,Wirecutter uncovered that almost every board they tested lost connectivity with its remote. More pointedly when either the board or the remote were running low on battery, the remote became unresponsive...which is a serious problem.

Additionally, there have been reported cases ofhackers seizing control of bluetooth connected remotes and tossing riders off their boards. The remote becomes essentially a useless brick that can’t re-engage with the board until the attacker disconnects. Overall though only a minute percentage of accidents can be attributed to this phenomenon.

Extreme Speeds

Know the limits of your new ride and be aware of your own. Every rider should only ride at speeds at which they can safely stop by using normal skateboard techniques such as foot braking. As speed increases stability tends to decrease. Some of the best electric skateboards allow riders to limit top speed and make acceleration/deceleration even more gradual than it usually is. This safety measurement is really beneficial for first time riders. 

Please remember to wear protective gear if planning to ride any electric skateboard. 




While regenerative braking systems on E-Boards are similar to those on electric cars, they don’t have mechanical brakes that are able to deal with high amounts of kinetic energy, especially at higher downhill speeds. Energy overload and low torque at very high RPM are at times unavoidable and sometimes unforeseeable reasons that can lead to one thing: difficulty of braking.

Braking for remote controlled boards is either on or its off. The learning curve for braking on remote controlled boards differs from rider to rider. The reasons being because it is 1) hard to gauge when the brakes will slam on and 2) the brakes don't stop you completely, you'll have to move from your planted position on the board to stop yourself. Which is unsafe to say the least if you’re in heavy traffic of any kind. Typically if you have time, braking is smooth enough that it shouldn’t be an issue as long as you can brace for it. However, braking suddenly can lead to riders being thrown off the board.

Riding an e-skate at speeds higher than their advertised top speed can be risky, so take care when riding downhill.



No Remote Control!

The StarkBoard is controlled by our custom body motion control system, the data comes from a gyroscope sensor and multiple weight and motion sensors. Once you accelerate, the speed control monitoring system tracks all your body movements and continuously assists while riding.

When you have a remote control in your hand you’re essentially adding an extra step for your brain to process. You have to coordinate what you’re doing with your hand with the feedback from your feet, and your brain has to coordinate the whole thing. So we are simply eliminating one step.

As told byThe Verge, riding a StarkBoard goes like this: It remains firmly parked until you step on the board, at which point it measures your weight and adjusts for the desired ride mode as defined ahead of time in the app. The calculation happens in a split second before the lights glow steady and a beep is heard signaling the board is ready to ride. Now, with a shift of your weight either toward the front or back of the board, the StarkBoard begins to smoothly move forward or backward, no kicking or remote control required. Lean in the opposite direction of travel and the board slows down. Lean more to accelerate or decelerate faster. Hop off the board, or shift your weight back further, and the StarkBoard will quickly come to a stop.

“The ride feels more natural, as if you’re one with the electric skateboard.” -Tech Radar


Customized Speed

Safety is always first. So we’ve configured the StarkBoard to adapt to whichever rider is about to step on board. You can choose from three driving modes to match your level and style: Beginner, Normal and Master. These three levels put caps on the top speed and acceleration until the user gets comfortable and is ready to level up.

“It is convenient if the eskater can change the top speed when riding on [a] different setting or at different traffic.” -Electric Skateboarding HQ


Intelligent Braking System

The intelligent braking system prevents your board from rolling downhill and can even bring you to a complete stop on a decline. The integrated sensor system allows you to quickly accelerate, brake in an instant and even go in reverse. As soon as you step off your StarkBoard the sensors will activate the braking system instantaneously to make sure that you are safe and that your board stays within reach. The board even comes to a complete stop, going downhill.



Safety Enhancements

The StarkBoard uses only certified high quality lithium cells. All our batteries are tested and are in compliance with the UN38.3 and UL2272 worldwide industry standards. Tesla uses the same type of 18650 battery cells. All electronic components of the StarkBoard are rugged, dust and splash proof with an IP62 rating.

Our dual hub motors can propel you forward on up to 15% inclines. That power has proven time again to overcome even the ugliest of road conditions: cobblestone, asphalt, dirt, sticks, rocks, cracks, and sidewalks entries and exits.

The wheels are designed not to move right away when a person steps onto it, so the board doesn’t roll out from under the user. If a person does have to jump off the board mid-ride, the board automatically comes to a stop.

Unlike most other rideables the StarkBoard comes equipped with LED lights in the front and back which enable safe riding even in dark conditions.

Designed for Safety

If you are an avid e-boarder and have become "one" with your remote control then you have a gained a skill set necessary to properly manage your ride. But, if its your first time buying or riding an electric skateboard, then the StarkBoard is hands down the safest electric skateboard in the market.

The StarkBoard was designed with your safety and the safety of those around you at the forefront of its capabilities. Unlike most remote controlled e-boards, the StarkBoard always accelerates gradually preventing you or first time riders from abrupt ejection.

Most importantly, the StarkBoard responds only to your natural movements. The StarkBoard’s built in smart braking system immediately reacts to its rider’s movements, bringing it to a complete stop simply by stepping or hopping off.

Thank you for tuning in and always wear a helmet.




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