August 09, 2018

Less than one third of crowdfunding campaigns reach their goals. On top of that there are even LESS campaigns that actually ship their product within that same year.

There is a great WIRED article by Marc Barros outlining some of the struggles he went through as a hardware founder.

“As a three-time project creator, I can understand why backers are becoming jaded. The epic failures dominate any semblance of the good. It's gotten to the point where much of the appreciation—for the difficulty of creating an idea, funding it, and delivering it to backers—is now lost. I mean, shit, anyone should be able to deliver the product you saw in the video, right?”

No. And simply because hardware is hard. It’s a great read. You can find the full article here.

Indiegogo Campaign is 90% Fulfilled

As for us we have reached the point that most startups dream of at their inception. At this moment we are relieved that we were able to ship out hundreds of StarkBoards already. As a young startup trying to deliver the most technologically advanced board in the shortest amount of time, we think that’s something to be proud of. On top of that we are extremely grateful to all of you for helping us to get to this point. 

But, this is just the beginning. And as ALL hardware startup founders know, there are always roadblocks to hurdle over or to knock down. And without support we wouldn’t be able to do that. We want to acknowledge our valued customers who are anxiously awaiting the arrival of their StarkBoard, and we want to sincerely apologize for any delay you may have faced. We have tried our very best to meet your expectations, and we will continue to do everything we can to take care of you along the way.

We have shipped out hundreds of boards already and have fulfilled almost all of our Indiegogo Campaign (November 9th - December 9th). The next step is to start shipping YOUR BOARDS.

You can see some of the happy customers who’ve already gotten their boards here,  here,  here,  here and  here


Quality Assurance

This brings us to our next point. It was brought to our attention at the end of June that a few boards are exhibiting technical issues such as beeping straight out of the box and sensors becoming unresponsive. While this has only happened to a few select boards we want you to know that once your board arrives, if it begins to exhibit issues please immediately contact us via our support page here:

We at Stark Mobility stand behind the quality of our products and will take care of you every step along this journey! It is extremely important to us that you have a fully working StarkBoard and have a great experience riding it.

This means that for the past month we have been administering additional quality control testing ON EVERY SINGLE BOARD before we released them them to be individually shipped.


Shipment Status

The fulfillment delay is due to sensor plate irregularity issues on the last delivery. Meaning that not all sensors were identical upon arrival. We sent the first batch of sensors back to the supplier to be replaced. However, when the second batch arrived on July 4th the problem was still prevalent on some parts. So we returned the entire sensor batch for this current production run back to the supplier to triple check the quality.

The good thing is that 95% of the boards components are ready and waiting to be assembled at our Shenzhen factory. The minute reliable sensors arrive the assembly can be finished within a couple of days. Then the finished boards will be sent out a few days later.

We understand the wait is frustrating and unexpected. We also want to apologize for the lack of communication and updates on our part. From here on out we will continue to push out updates via email and our blog and will be in contact with you as soon as we have updated information regarding your shipment. Also, once your board arrives we guarantee continuous support. Additionally were available via FB or Instagram messenger to answer any of your Stark Mobility related questions. You can expect same day response.

Like so many others before us have declared, hardware is hard. For any startup, the path toward success is brutally difficult. Where we face the most gratitude and assurance is within the excitement and support of YOU GUYS.


We thank you all for your trust and assurance in us. With that and a bit of patience we can build great things together.

Looking forward to getting in touch with you all via social or if you have any troubles or concerns  #starkboard and @starkmobility.

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